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The True Power Of Turkey

The True Power Of Turkey

Turkey's location and geographical importance

Turkey has a distinguished strategic importance compared to other countries that it has maintained throughout history due to its distinguished geographical location, as it is located within the Anatolian continent and overlooks important seas and waterways, it is at the middle of both continents of Europe and Asia, where economic flows between European countries represent the largest source of connection also  culturally (as a modern Islamic country) and geographically between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as it forms a bridge between Western countries and the Islamic world.

It also plays an important role in distributing energy from the Middle East to Europe, and improving international policies between the Islamic world and Europe, as it is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Turkey's strategic importance falls under three sections:

Natural political significance

Turkey enjoys a strategic location in the center of the world's mainland, where the three continents (Asia, Europe and Africa) converge across the Mediterranean Sea, and over time it has been a transit passage from West to East and vice versa, the United States carries military operations in these areas and in In light of the ongoing battles, Turkey was in the place of regional power, countries of the Middle East consider Turkey the main passage for transfer of energy to the European Union, and in conjunction with the European Union increasing the number of energy-importing countries, Turkey sought to implement projects that would make it an energy supplier to the West, as it is the easiest and safest to export.

Economic importance

The Turkish economy has been included among the emerging economic powers in the world, including China, India and Brazil, Turkey came right after China in economic growth, it has set the rise of the Turkish economy to reach the list of the 10 largest economies in the world a goal that must be reached by 2023, as it is currently occupying The sixteenth in economical growth in the world, it is characterized by a great development in the communications and services sectors, not to mention its production of many goods required around the world for its quality, in addition to goods, Turkey has transformed since the beginning of the new millennium into one of the most prominent energy corridors in the world and A tool through which the well-being of the global economy passes, as the most important point of energy transport and supply in the twentieth century, Turkey will continue to play the most important role in the economy, being a rapidly developing, economically and culturally integrated country that has a continuous growth rate of 70 million in  the market alongside technology. It is not only a market but a growing economic power, and it will be able in the future to provide new ways to import oil and gas to the European Union. It is suggested that in the coming years, approximately 10-15% of the gas required for Europe could come through Turkey, which is currently the most important corridor for LNG players, from Russia to Europe through pipelines linking the source and the consumer called the "Turkish Torrent" line, The first pipeline of the project is set to feed Turkey and the second to eastern and southern European countries.Not to mention its possession of enormous water resources, which are attractive to countries that suffer from water poverty.

The Turkish government has begun to implement many strategic projects, such as the giant Istanbul International Airport project, as well as the Marmaray Tunnel project, which it considered "the workshop of the century", which will be the link between two continents overlooking the Bosphorus, and these huge projects will have a great financial impact on the Turkish state. It will increase the Turkish per-capita income and welfare.The Turkish arena will also witness the completion of many of the promised projects and are working to achieve them relentlessly.

In addition to launching the first goods train from Turkey to China, recalling the historical route that used to connect the continents in the old days to trade spices, this first train journey paves the way for the revival of the ancient Silk Road that begins in Turkey, through Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, then to all regions of Central Asia and ends in China, where Over the past three centuries, world trade was taking place across the oceans, so some countries (England - Spain - Holland) gained great importance, while the resurgence of the Silk Road activity would reflect the prevailing global economic system since the seventeenth century to the exact opposite.

The Turkish-Chinese commercial relations are not limited to the Silk Road only, but rather they are mutual relations, as a train was launched from the Chinese city of Xi'an and reached the European market via Turkey, and the arrival of that train is considered part of the modern and fast transportation systems that were established within the framework of the Belt Project. the road launched by China with the aim of reviving the Silk Road, as the reciprocal commercial flights between the two countries will facilitate Turkey's access to the European Union market and contribute to establishing a trade partnership with China.

Cultural-political importance

With attention to several factors, the most important of which is the fact that Turkey is the only Islamic country of a secular and democratic character and its location on the dividing line between the Christian and Islamic worlds, which has formed a point of intersection of multiple cultures in light of its transitional phase and a growing potential in terms of economic and military aspects. The political and authoritarian importance that made it a different model for the Islamic world, Turkey will have regional influence and strategic importance at the international level.

For this reason, the emergence of a Turkish, Islamic, secular, and democratic generation will not only have an impact on the region but on the whole world, and an important turning point in the history of mankind, where they can accept beliefs and religious and cultural difference, develop them and harness them to serve mankind where they can invent a new concept of development And liberation in various flexible formulas outside the framework of the Western concept, Turkey was over time the best model for modern Islam for its global transfer within the framework of development, its proof that secularism and democracy could be within an Islamic nation, and it was able to make qualitative transformations within these data, Based on the above, and when the political and cultural dimensions are combined with the geo-political and economic dimensions, we see that it’is clear that Turkey is not just a regional power but also a global historical one, working to prove its position within the international arena, and the future is ahead of it to enhance its global importance among major countries

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