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Residential apartments for sale in Kartal Map Marker Istanbul Kartal

Prices starts from 186,413

Family residential apartments with beautiful scenery and green hues

  • Type: Commercial units, Apartments
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Ready
  • Pay: Installments
    50% DownPayment-12 Months installments

Why choose this project?

  • Proximity to schools and educational units
  • Proximity to main roads leading to city center
  • Green views and scenery
  • Variety of amenities for families

Project Features

This project is a residential project located in Kartal on the Asian side of Istanbul reflecting a state-of-the-art apartment project for individuals and families with children.

The project constructed by Teknik Yapi is one of the leading projects in Kartal district. It is built to fulfill every need a family could need from the endless amenities to the beautiful sceneries. 

The project is built on 20972 m2 holding 10 blocks with 825 apartments ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 flat types.

Teknik Yapı Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Umut Durbakalım emphasized that this project has a special importance among the urban transformation projects carried out by Teknik Yapı in Kartal. Reminding that the 9 urban transformation projects carried out in Kartal were carried out by the transformation of large industrial facilities

Project Amenities

  • Sauna Salons & Turkish Baths
  • Nearby schools
  • Forest landscape
  • Parks & Nature open door areas
  • Commercial areas including cafes, restaurants and shopping centers
  • 24/7 Security systems
  • Outdoor pools
  • Kids Playgrounds
  • Parking
  • Gym & Fitness Center
Type Rooms Bathrooms Area Price
Apartment 1+1 1 55.32m $ 186,413
Apartment 1+1 1 54.68m $ 201,087
Apartment 2+1 1 82.25m $ 253,804
Apartment 2+1 1 95.34m $ 345,652
Apartment 3+1 2 111.33m $ 383,152
Apartment 3+1 2 132.16m $ 523,370
Apartment 4+1 2 158.14m $ 557,609


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