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Residence near Beykent UNI Map Marker Istanbul Büyükçekmece

Prices starts from 64,900

Ready to move apartments in central part of Büyükçekmece with quite and serene atmosphere apartment options vary from 0+1 to 2+1

  • Type: Apartments, Offices
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: Ready
  • Pay: Installments
    50% Down payment + 12 months installment

Why Buy This Property?

  • High return on investment 
  • repurchasing guarantee after 3 years with 35% profit
  • Located right on the E-5 highway

Project's Features

Located in central area surrounded by hospitals, schools and shops to meet all your need it is built right on the most famous highway of the city E-5 for easy access to areas of the Asian and European side of Istanbul.

The project consists of 2 buildings one of them as a commercial center for all your family needs, the modern architecture of the units is designed to combining the living and working space of home-office concept residential areas of 0+1 up to 2+1 to meet the ongoing changes in the market of the fast growing city.

It is constructed on total land area of 8000 m2 project area of 36.581 m2, total units of 565 and 106 shops plus 2 floors underground parking 

Area of the project Baykent is famous for being the highest annual raising prices rate of 10% up to 18% in the past 3 years which gives guarantee for the units in the project for investment opportunity with repurchasing guarantee after 3 years with 35% profit

Project Amenities

  • Commercial center for int. brands
  • Sauna Salons & Turkish Baths
  • Nearby schools
  • Parks & Nature open door areas
  • Commercial areas including cafes, restaurants and shopping centers
  • 24/7 Security systems
  • Outdoor pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Smart house System
  • Kids Playgrounds
  • Parking
  • Gym & Fitness Center
Type Rooms Bathrooms Area Price
Office 45.68m $ 85,900
Office 212.94m $ 313,750
Apartment 0+1 1 46.00m $ 64,900
Apartment 0+1 1 60.00m $ 85,600
Apartment 1+1 1 59.00m $ 109,747
Apartment 1+1 2 120.00m $ 181,900
Apartment 2+1 1 130.00m $ 215,600
Apartment 2+1 2 150.00m $ 225,000


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